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  • WTC Incident
  • 8/22/01

  • Master a Network: Data Link Layer
  • Definitive review of the 1COOLPC
  • inKline Global Modem Booster

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    Friday, September 14, 2001

    WTC Incident posted by yolk @ 7:11 pm

    It was indeed a shocking incident to happen to the World Trade Center in NYC. Still can't believe what happened over 48 hours ago. May God comfort the family and friends of those who perished in this heinous attack, and may God bring justice to prevail on the perpetrators.

    Wednesday, August 22, 2001

    Master a Network: Data Link Layer posted by yolk @ 5:15 pm
    PC Hardware published the third article in the “Master a Network” series. This one is about OSI Layer 2 Data Link and covers MAC addresses, network topologies, standards, encapsulation, specifications and layer 2 devices like bridges and switch.

    As data from the Application layer travels down the Layer stack, it is broken down into smaller units and each unit receives additional information (headers and trailers). These units have particular names, one for each layer that encapsulates data. The Layer 2 encapsulated data is called a frame. The extra bytes in the header and trailer identify the source and the destination of transmitted data and also help in finding erroneous packets, thus ensuring reliable network communications.

    Master a Network: Data Link Layer

    Definitive review of the 1COOLPC posted by yolk @ 5:15 pm
    Adrian's Rojak Pot ( ) just posted the definitive review of the 1COOLPC Video-1-120 graphics card cooler!

    This is the most powerful video card cooler I've heard of. It comes with a 3 pin plug which does not support RPM monitoring. Do not plug the fan into the motherboard fan header. If you do so, it will blow the header simply because it draws too much current. Most motherboard fan headers will only allow a fan to draw up to 0.4A, but this fan needs 0.66A to spin

    Definitive review of the 1COOLPC

    inKline Global Modem Booster posted by yolk @ 5:10 pm
    OnePC.NET has just completed a review of inKline Global's Modem Booster software.

    Sure, broadband connections such as cable and xDSL are being utilized by more and more people, but there are still users who are stuck with a modem connection for various reasons. inKline Global's Modem Booster software is designed to help speed up those modems, and get this: it really works!

    inKline Global Modem Booster


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