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Our Aim and Goal

The Hardware Corner is based in Malaysia. We aim to bring the latest news updates regarding IT in general, reviews on hardware so that people will know what's hot and what's not. Apart from that, the guys at Hardware Corner are very into overclocking and at time try to outdo each other and see who manages to get the highest speed. We hope to bring awareness to the general community in Malaysia and especially to the small but fast growing overclocking community. By providing articles and tips on how to maximise performance with only one thing in mind, getting more performance for a fraction of the cost.

We also offer a forum for our readers so that they can voice out their experience and problems with certain products so that in the future others will know how to handle when faced in the same situation. By providing this forum we hope to provide a means of communication between hardware enthusiast as well as those who wants to know more about hardware or IT. We believe this will provide readers a chance to met new people and to create a certain bond between them.

With a dedicated team who are young at heart and bounded together by their interest in Information Technology, the readers can be sure that they are not bound by age, gender or technical expertise. We hope to take Hardware Corner to international standards.

How it started

Hardware Corner first opened it's doors to public since Friday March 3rd 2000. In this short time this site has gathered a lot of attention especially from overseas readers. I've been very interested in computers every since I was a child. I still remember the times when I went for computer classes and the monitors were monochrome and we used to play such primitive game. Well as time passed by, a relative of mine who got tired of his machine passed it on to me. That was back in 1993. Can you imagine how excited I was. The machine was a XT (8088) with 640 KB of ram, 2 x 5.25 floppy drives, EGA monitor and a EGA video card. After a few months or so learning DOS 3.1 and swapping between diskettes to play game, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I bought my first hard disk and it was 20 MB. I rushed home that evening so excited, plugged in the hard disk and formatted it. Then it was time to install all my games. Still remember when I used to play Police Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Prince of Persia. Wow those were the days.

Well at that time I still wasn't to good with computers. It was back in 1996 when I really got interested in them. I started visiting sites like Hardocp, Voodoo Extreme, Tom's Hardware, Anandtech, Overclockers.com, 3Dfiles, wow I could go on and on. Would spend half a day just sitting and reading about stuff like the latest CPU, graphic cards and stuff like that. At that moment I was still using a 486 while everyone else were already using a P133 or P 166. I felt so left out so I decided to save some money to get myself a better system. By the end of 1996 I had saved enough and had read enough reviews to know what I want. So it was time to go hunting for parts.

First on my list was a Pentium 166 Mmx. At that time this CPU very overclockable as the multiplier was not locked and I went hunting around with some batch numbers in my hand to get myself one of this gems. Finally got one, though I can't really remember how much they cost but I can bet with you they weren't cheap either. Then came the motherboard, the TX97 has gotten a lot of attention from overclockers saying how stable this board is. So decided to get myself one of that as well. Then bought a Quantum Fireball ST 3.2 GB. This is a lot back then trust me. Then I got a Tseng Labs ET6000 (anyone remember one of this ?). At that time everyone was crazy about the S3 Virge 3D (3D did you say ? bah what a joke). The performance of the ET 6000 was almost on par with a Matrox card. I had a TVM 14" monitor so I didn't need another monitor. I also did myself a favor and got a 64 MB SDRAM I am going to enjoy running windows with this amount of ram compared to my 8MB in my 486. That was about it I had a spanking brand new system. So I got the system up and running and started to play around with the settings. After much reading again on the web I decided to overclock my systems. It was darn scary thinking that I might burn the CPU or short out the motherboard or something like that. I set the multiplier to 3.5 and let it boot. I just stood there in amazement. The computer boots up and shows me Pentium 233 Mmx. With just a change of a jumper I got extra speed without spending anything more. Then I started to get greedy. Played around with the bus speed and set it to 75 MHz. What's this it shows 262 MHz. I have read that some other overclockers had crashed their hard disk at 83 MHz., so I decided to stop there. Getting an extra 100 MHz. Was more than enough FOR NOW.

So until today I'm still in the quest for speed and along my journey I noticed that not many Malaysian's are aware of overclocking and just buy or upgrade everytime they are advised to do so without even taking into consideration of their needs. So me and a bunch of friends decided to setup Hardware Corner, we wanted to share the knowledge that we have gained along the years with overclocking and troubleshooting PC's. To date I'm using a Pentium III 450 @ 630 MHz. Still not enough speed for me.

Interested to join THC ?

Join TEAM THC ! We are always on the lookout for new members to the join our team. You should of course be in love with hardware and have some basic understanding of HTML even if you don't don't worry. Just drop us a mail at webmaster@hardware-corner.net and a brief description of yourself as well as your machine and not forgetting how you think you can help THC grow as well as what do you expect from us.


Nick : YoLk
Email : webmaster@hardware-corner.net
Job @ THC THC's Superman

      Setup 1

1. Intel Celeron 566 @ 935 Mhz
2. Spectek 128 MB PC100 + Hyundai 64 MB PC100 SDRAM
3. Abit BE6
4. Matrox G400 Max 32MB DH
5. 2 x 12 MB Voodoo 2 PCI in SLI Mode
6. SoundBlaster Live! Player
7. 2 x 20 GB Maxtor Diamond Max 40
8. Sony 6x DVD Drive
9. HP 8200i CDRW 4x4x24


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