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Everglide Attack Pad- Page 1/1
Rating : N/A Review Date : May 1, 2001

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How do you actually do a review of a mouse pad ? Being used to swapping hardware in and out of the system and looping 3D Mark tests for hours. The simplicity of the pad makes it a difficult thing to analyze.

When you're a serious gamer or even a designer you'll need every edge you can get. You've obviously got your system tweaked for optimal performance, spoilt yourself with a bigger monitor, a more comfortable chair. So why is it when it comes to the mouse pad no one thinks twice about. Often overlooked by even the most serious gamer until recently when Everglide introduced their range of mouse pads using their new FineCell® Texture.

Everglide, a well known company for their incredibly designed mouse pad. Their Attack Pad will certainly attracts anyone's attention once it's placed on your desktop. It comes in white as well as blue and I received a white Attack Pad for review. For those who are so used to using the normal cloth mouse pad or even the 3m Precision Mousing Surface (PMS) be in for a treat.

Is it good ?


I have been using 3M's PMS for quite some time now and I can tell you that I was relieved what I got this on my table. After a few weeks of usage 3M's PMS it began to warp (do you know how thin this thing is ?) and all soft of gunk started forming on the pad and in the mouse itself. It was awfull. I can be sure I won't be going through that again with Everglide.

The Everglide is composed of some sort of hard polymer plastic with a grooved face for traction. The dimensions are 8" High, 10 1/4" Wide and 1/4"Deep with a nice little groove for you to rest your hand. The grip provided by the Attack Pad is excellent. They use little rubber feet at the bottom to ensure that the mouse pad doesn't have a mind of it's own.

Once you've started using one of this you'll never look back. This stuff is really hard and durable. Got dirt on it ? No problem just go ahead and wash it off. This thing will probably even outlive your mouse.


This is one of the best mousing surface you can find out there. The traction provided for the mouse is superb. If you consider yourself a gamer or even someone who needs a precise mouse surface, do yourself a favour and at least try one out. There's no turning back.

Made of hard plastic
Larger mousing surface compared to many
The edges are not rounded enough
Doesn't support all optical mouse
Can't blame the mouse pad for that missing a frag


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