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Globalwin FKP32 - Page 1/2
Rating : N/A Review Date :April 29, 2000


After the FCPGA cpu's hit the market, there were many companies who followed suit and tried to come up with products that will allow overclockers like us to push the cpu higher and cooler.Now why was this a problem for cooler manufacturers ? Due to the low height of the flipchip most socket 370 coolers the side or bottom of the cooler will come in contact with the zif socket lever. So overclockers come up with the idea to use a metal plate to raise the heatsink or even alter the heatsink so that it doesn't come in contact with the Ziff socket lever. Now this is where Globalwin came up with their FKP32.


Operation Voltage DC 9V ~ 13.8V
Rated Voltage DC 12V
Rated Current DC 0.18A
Input Power 2.16WATT
Bearing System Ball Bearing
Fan Speed 4200 RPM+/- 15%
Air Delivery 26CFM
Noise Level 36 Dba
MTBF(life) 50000 hours /25°C
Fan Safety CE, UL, TUV,CSA Approved
Fan with RPM signal output Yes
Dimension 60mm x 58mm x34mm
Material Anodized Aluminum Alloy 6063
Material Steel SK7 (Quality Metal clip)
Thermal Interface High thermal conductive interface
Material Thermal grease
Thermal Conductivity 0.0015K factor, cal/cm2/°C/sec/cm
Connector Molex 2510 / 2695 3 pin
Total Weight 125g
Package 80pcs/CTN;1.37; 10/ 12Kilos
Supreme Advantages
©Copyright 2000 Global WIN Technology

The Test Machine

1. Motherboard Abit BE6 with PL bios
2. Memory 1 x 128 Spectek PC100
1 x 64 Hyundai PC 100
3. Slocket Converter MSI 6905 Master (Coppermine ready)
4. Cpu Celeron 300A SL36A lapped
5. HSF Cooler Globalwin FKP32
6. Display adapter OEM Matrox G400 32MB DH (Powerdesk 5.52)
7. Sound card SB Live! Player (Liveware 3)
8. HDD 1 x 20 GB Maxtor Diamond Max
1 x 13 GB Quantum Fireball
9. O/S Windows 98 SE
10. Software Motherboard monitor 4.13
  3D Mark 2000
  Quake 3 & Unreal Tournamet


As soon as I got the cooler out of the box the first thing that caught my eye was the YS Tech Fan 60mm, 3 wire 12v fan. This 60 mm fan looks huge compared to the size of the black heatsink. For those of you who are familiar with the FDP32 and FEP32, that made Globalwin well known for their well-done, highly efficient oversize fans the FKP 32 is much smaller in size if compared to the other two. In fact if you put the FDP32 and FKP32 you might just say to yourself how is this small little cooler be able to cool as well as the FDP32.

Compared to the stock fan that came with the celeron this fan makes more noise, but then again if CFM's is what you're after then it's just a small price you have to pay for the increased airflow. Installation consists of slapping on a dab of grease that is supplied as well on the core, placing the heatsink onto the celeron and attaching the metal retainer spring to the tabs on the sides of the ZIF socket. The cooling fan is mounted with spring clips for quick and easy removal for cleaning or replacement. The heatsink spring clip is very strong which hold the unit firmly in place on the celeron processor.

The Performance

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