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Globalwin I Storm II - Page 1/2
Rating : N/A Review Date :August 26, 2000


Most of us have been trying to keep the cpu temp as low as possible as we know that the cooler the cpu the better chance we have at overclocking it and keeping it stable. Those who are new to overclocking somtimes tend to overlook on their other components while overclocking resulting in hardware giving up on them. As we increase the FSB speeds for other components such as the AGP, PCI bus will also increase.

Globalwin has come out with a revolutionary new product that not only keeps the noise level down but at the same time cools down the hard disk and keeps your precious data protected. Even though we know that Globalwin has always been doing their homework to make sure they produce the best coolers around but this is one product that they actually have done something different compared to the others.

The I Storm II comes in a very elegant black box and with the installation instruction on the reverse side. The box also has a some real tests promising a drop of 9 C. I was very eager to test this baby out and see if it's going to deliver what it promises. Globalwin took a different approach than the normal 40mm fan setups. Instead they decided to go for a Lateral Cross Flow fan. Look at the picture to see what it looks like.

*Special lateral cross-flow fan makes lower fan rotation speed ,which ensures lower noise and vibration levels.
*Effective air flow enables Istorm to cool more than one harddisk.
*Two colors are available.
*The cover is easy to remove, allowing access to its wire - mesh filter.
*"ULTIMATE" cooling product "awarded by www.heatsink-guide.com.
*Istorm II :with Alarm + LED.












The Test Machine

1. Motherboard Abit BE6 with PV bios
2. Memory 1 x 128 Spectek PC100
1 x 64 Hyundai PC 100
3. Slocket Converter MSI 6905 Master (Coppermine ready)
4. Cpu Intel Celeron II 566
5. HSF Cooler Alpha PEP66
  The Globalwin CAF12
6. Display adapter Matrox G400 Max 32MB
  2 x Voodoo 2 12 MB
7. Sound card SB Live! Player (Liveware 3)
8. HDD 2 x 20 GB Maxtor Diamond Max
9. O/S Windows 98 SE
10. Software Motherboard monitor 4.17
3D Mark 2000
Quake 3 & Unreal Tournamet



Installation of the I Storm is just like the rest of the hard drive coolers out there. Remove your 5.25" bay covers screw the thing in and you're ready to start cooling. There is a green LED to indicate the power and one cool thing about this cooler is in case it breaks down or is stuck there will be a loud buzzing sound to indicate that the fan has stopped working. The unit also comes with a filter so you can stop worrying about getting dust into your precious case. The filter is made out of plastic so you can just remove it pop it under running water dry it up and pop it back in. One thing that you should really be carefull is to never do the conventional test method of sticking your finger to check if the fan is running. The Cross Flow fan is quite sharp and you might just injure yourself.


The Globalwin IStrom II Box


Talk saving paper. The manual is printed behind the box.

The Globalwin I Storm II Cooler

This is what that is included with the I Storm II



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