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PS to PC Converter - Page 1/2

Rating : N/A Review Date : May 18, 2000

IntroductionPlatstation Adaptor

Now I love racing games like Need for Speed and especially Rally titles. But then again I know that if compared to games consoles playing this type of games on the pc is nothing to scream about. So ever since then I have been on the constant lookout for a perfect joypad to really enjoy my games. I've owned quite a number of joypads but they just didn't have that certain feel to the game while playing. Guess I was too used to playing with the playstation

I saw quite a few guys who have built an adaptor to convert the playstation joypad to the pc. Now this was quite interesting I said to myself. For gamers like myself who have been so used to playstation would be more than happy to use the joypad on the pc to play games. I mean it's a playstation joypad man, how much better of a joypad do you want ?

So I started hunting around the web for some sort of information to start building my own PS controller adaptor. After looking high and low for it I got some information regarding the Direct Pad Pro (here is the link). This guy gives some drawings on what are the components needed and how you can go about building your own adaptor. Now even though the explanation are quite detailed it was too technical for me *grin*. I'm not that good with a soldering gun.

I had to put the idea on hold until I can find someone to build me one that is. So there I was still on the lookout for a perfect joypad. I was browsing through some BBS and saw some posts about a ready assembled adaptor for the pc. Too bad I couldn't find it at all around KL, most of them don't even know what I was talking about. So one day I was walking around Sunway Pyramid IT Centre and I caught a glimpse of the Playstation Dual Shock joypad lying around in one of the shops. Not the shops that are selling the Playstation accessories mind you. It was a shop selling notebooks.

Now I knew that it was rather strange to see the joypad there so I decided to take a look. Wooohoooo and boy was I in luck the joypad was connected to a Playstation controller adaptor via the parallel port. I was damn excited and asked the sales person there about the adaptor. He asked me to go over to the shop selling the Playstation accessories and say that he got it from there. So I went enquiring about the unit and now I'm a proud owner of a Playstation controller adaptor with a Playstation Dual Shock joypad.

Included with Adaptor

The adaptor comes with a 9v AC/DC adaptor. This is used for the dual shock joypads. If you're intending to use just the normal playstation joypads then you won't need to connect the power adaptor to the kit. The good thing about the kit is that even thought it's connected to the parallel port the PS adaptor has it's own parallel port so that even if you've connected the adaptor to you pc parallel port you can still connect the printer cable to the PS adaptor.

The kit also comes with the drivers and a dancing game. Though I could not get the game to fully work on my pc. It would occasionally crash. It also comes with a manual with instructions on how to install the adaptor and joystick. Another neat thing about the adaptor is that you can have two playstation joypads connected to it. So both you and your friend can play the games you like with 2 playstation joypads.



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