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Ratpadz - The Hard Stuff- Page 1/1
Rating : N/A Review Date : May 6, 2001

IntroductionSamsung Monitor


So what's so great about this big black pad ? That's the same question that was going through my mind. After all how much different can one mouse pad be over the other ? All that changed of course once I had the Ratpadz in my hand.

What's so great about the Ratpadz ?

One thing for sure this thing is huge Apart from the sheer size of this monster the other thing that attracted my attention was the super stiff material, dubbed Ultraslick™ polymer. You can easily wash off the Ratpadz with soapy water in case you get it dirty. For those who constantly find themselves ending out of the mouse pad during those frantic one to one shoot-out in Q3 the Ratpadz is your prayers answered. Size does matter !!


Apart from it's sheer monstrous size (9.5 inches tall X 11.5 inches wide) the guys behind the design of the Ratpadz really sat down and thought of every possible thing that they wanted out of a precision mousing surface. The Ratpadz is meant to be a precision mousing pad so for those who spend long hours in front of computer doing some Autocad work or even some 3d modeling then you really ought to take a look at this product. The Ratpadz allows you to position your hands where you want to instead of having to have your hand in the "right place". Comfort is also a priority in the design of the Ratpadz.



For those who are wondering how the Ratpadz stay put on the desk with all that slick material don't worry HardOcp have placed small rubber feet on the bottom of the pad to making sure you'll never be able to blame your shifting mousepad for getting fragged. Similar to those you find at the bottom of most modems, external CD-writers, etc. So you know where to get a replacements in case you need one.

Virtually indestructible
Large mousing surface
Desktop space needed
More expensive than your average mouse pads


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